Preparation and Sheffield

So how do you prepare for interrailing when you don’t know what to expect and have very little idea of what you’re going to do there? These were the first questions I asked myself, and after hours of reading blogs and advice, I managed to put together a vague list. Although I’m still fairly clueless, this ‘vague list’ has managed to fill a bag twice the size of me. I think I may have slightly over packed. I’m not sure gluten-free pasta and nuts can be counted as the bare essentials.

I’m going to be travelling for the next 17 days with my uni housemates Beth, Lucy and Harrie. For our trip we have the travel 5 within 10 days ticket, our limited travel days mean we need an organised plan and have allowed us to plan out days and book hostels well in advance.
We intend to travel from Berlin to Prague, then Vienna and finishing up in Budapest just in time for my 21st. I will be blogging throughout my adventure.


Despite my lists, I’m still not totally sure that I have everything, maybe leaving packing till three hours before wasn’t the best idea. So far, I have managed to get lost in my own train station (Leeds) and came close to getting on the wrong train. I’m not filled with confidence at my ability to navigate around huge capital cities.

Despite this I made it to Sheffield, only to discover that Beth had accidentally put her name the wrong way around on her flight information. Luckily she managed to befriend the women on the helpline and save herself a £160 fine. I hope all our mistakes are out of the way, and this isn’t a sign of what’s to come. I feel this might be wishful thinking.

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