LGBT Traffic Lights – Travelling from Prague to Vienna

After our disastrous train journey from Berlin to Prague, we were well prepared and arrived at the train station with plenty of time to get a compartment on the train. The journey was just over 4 hours, so we were very happy when we managed to get a four-seater table. I am still not overly impressed with European trains as it was delayed by twenty minutes. The main issue wasn’t the delay but rather the driver continuously apologising for it, which quickly became more annoying than the actual delay. Although the journey itself was beautiful and scenic cutting straight through the mountains. The majority of the train were businessmen so it was ideal to listen to my travel playlist, unwind and soak it all in.

Whilst we had expected the increased heat from Berlin to Prague (although it’s intensity had shocked us), the increase from Prague to Vienna was unexpected and even more extreme. Stepping off the train into what felt like a Shauna. We decided to save money and walk to the hostel rather than pay for the metro. Halfway there the heat and weight of our bags got the better of us, we were once again scrambling around in our bags looking for what euros we have left. We knew our hostel was next to the Naschmarkt and were expecting a big and impressive market square. Upon arrival, we were slightly confused as we couldn’t see anything. We managed to find the hostel, I would highly recommend the wombats hostel. We could tell from walking through the door this was the best hostel we had stayed at. It was huge and had everything you could need, from reasonable wi-fi, comfy seats to lounge in the lobby, a giant dining room and busy bar with pool table.

Once again we had gotten lucky and had a room to ourselves with two bunk beds and an ensuite. The heat was stifling so we were all very glad of the two small fans. Harrie, in particular, was very happy and proceeded to drag her mattress onto the floor to get better access to the fans. We declared this a fan bath.

After we had cooled down we decided to go and find somewhere to eat. We walked around the area surrounding the hostel and found a nice little Italian called salt and peppay. It did great traditional pizzas for a reasonable price, and we were happy to take advantage of the air conditioning.

Already from our short time waking around Vienna the architecture and statues are astounding. Around every corner, there seems to be another impressive marble marvel.

wp-image-1823959797jpg.jpg                                                                            (Statue of Zeus)
I did notice something else whilst walking around, that all the traffic lights seem to be very different to English ones. When I initially pointed this out no one believed me until we found another set, the traffic lights are LGBT friendly and various combinations of couples fell in love as the light changed green. We later googled it and found out if they had been left up from the Eurovision. I think all traffic lights should adopt a more interesting approach.

Exhausted from the heat and travelling we stayed in and had a couple of drinks at the hostel bar, and played a few half-hearted card games we decided to call it a night and make use of the first decent wifi connection to skype home and catch up with everyone.

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