Walk Out’s and Birthday Baths – Day Three in Budapest

Spending my 21st in Budapest really was a dream come true, however waking up with a massive hangover wasn’t exactly what I had imagined. After giving ourselves a long morning to recover we decided to get brunch at a cafe that had been recommended called blue bird. It looked amazing and was filled with delicious looking cakes.

However this really wasn’t our morning as the service was awful, I mean the worst I’ve ever experienced. It took about twenty minutes for them to take our order for food and drinks. Then after waiting for almost an hour and asking our drinks never arrived. Our food was given to the wrong table and then when we went it ask it was finally given to us cold. We had been in the cafe for over an hour and half and basically received nothing. Aftering getting increasingly annoyed and not help what so ever from the waitress we decided to leave. I have never walked out of a restaurant in my life let alone on my birtdhay when all I wanted was breakfast. Harrie went inside to inform the waitress there service was dreadful and we were leaving.

She then ran after us down a busy street full of restaurants to tell us to pay for the drinks we never received. This caused a bit of a scene and all I really wanted was some food and less of a hangover. We sorted it out and found a nice American cafe around the corner to finally have brunch. It’s a shame because it looks like a great cafe and it has amazing reviews, I think we might have just had a bad waitress.

The bulk of my birthday we had intended to spend at one of the thermal spars Budapest is famous for. There are so many to choose from, we spent a while debating between them before we decided to go with the most popular and the oldest, Szechenyi baths. We knew this also meant it was the most crowded and expensive but it was such an iconic part of the Budapest experience we decided to go for it. Although after our eventful morning we were running slightly behind schedule and from reading up on them we knew that in the height of summer there can be very long queues to get in.

Budapest really does have all of it’s transport covered if you can stand how rundown the metro is, everything is in easy reach. It was just a short metro ride away and we managed to make up some time. However there was a fairly long queue and a one in one out policy in place. In total we queued for just over an hour, thankfully I have amazing friends who in my hangover birthday state allowed me to sit in the corner while they kept our place. Thanks guys! I think the later on you go this would be more avoidable but obviously your then paying for less time.

When we finally got in it was worth the wait, we set up our spot with towels to sunbathe and went to check out the pools.

It was exactly what we had anticipated and had great fun trying all the different temperatures. Although to Lucy’s disappointment there were only certain pools you could really swim in as most were more of a chill out and slash around vibe.

There are a few proper swimming pools set up however you have to wear a swimming cap to go in. This caused a great deal of amusement watching frustrated lifeguards attempting to stop people going in. You can purchase lockers and swim caps downstairs although I would recommend bringing your own or getting one from somewhere cheaper.

We spent the rest of the day sunbathing and enjoying all the different pools it was the perfect hangover cure, everything we had expected and a great relaxing birthday.

With all that drama I’m not going to be forgetting my 21st anytime soon!

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