Interrailing Ticket vs Doing it Yourself?

So you know you want to travel to Europe, you’ve got a bit of an idea of where you want to go but need to work out the logistics of how to get from place to place.  There are an array of options from the hiring a car, plane, coach or the most popular train. If trains are the way for you then it’s worth looking into an interrail ticket, they are an expensive investment so I guess what you really want to know is an interrailing ticket value for money vs doing it yourself?

This massively depends on how long you want to go for, how many countries you want to visit and of course how many trains you would need. This also helps determine the type of pass you would require.


What are the different types of passes and what do you actually get with an interrail pass?

I used the travel 5 days within 10 days which basically mean you can travel on most trains for 24 hours and get as many trains as required within that time on 5 separate days. On the first train, you get on the 10 days is activated.

This pass has now been extended to 15 days so even better value!

There are so many tickets to choose from the three that I think are the best value for money and that I would choose between if I were to go again are;

The three that I think are really value for money and would use if I went again are;

Travel on 5 days within a period of 15 
Total price
£ 194

Travel on 7 days within 1 month

Total price
£ 238

Travel on every day within 22 days 

Total price
£ 362

 The ones I would avoid;

Travel every day within 15 days – I personally would avoid this it’s expensive and who wants to get on a train every single day? Total price £328
Travel on every day within 1 month -I would also avoid this as it seems like a lot more money for only a little longer. Total price £ 464


So now you know the type of tickets available it all depends on what works for you I know people who have done it without Interrailing tickets only visited three cities and its been far better value to book separate trains without interrail tickets.

I think one of the main benefits of an interrail ticket is the flexibility and freedom it offers on longer trips so my personal recommendation if you wanting to visit lots of different countries and cities for more than two weeks I would definitely get one. It really is good value for money and well worth it as one train alone could cost between 30-50 euros.

Something to avoid with interrailing however that could be solved when doing it on your own additional costs that some trains have as they require seat bookings. whereas booking directly yourself these would already be included.

In terms of the value of price worth paying without I think it’s what you make out of it if you have time to plan as meticulous as we did then you really can go on a very cheap budget and make the most out of the ticket likewise on the other side of the spectrum if you’re really wanting that flexibility it’s fantastic.

There are so many places you can go check out their website for detailed maps honestly I would recommend the trip we did I think the only thing I would change would be spending less time in Vienna and perhaps going on to Croatia but we were restricted by time and money. In my option, the places we visited Berlin was fantastic for history and feels like somewhere I would explore and live but not necessarily go on holiday day to. In regarding Prague it was a beautiful and very cheap place but feels very much like a couple holiday places I would love to go back in autumn or Christmas time and wandering around with a partner. In terms of Vienna, it’s beautiful but the most expensive and I think it’s really something that I would maybe have enjoyed later in life and on a bit of a higher budget but worth a stop for a few days if your passing through. Bratislava such an odd and captivating place I thought a day there was perfect for me. Budapest I could go on and on about how much I loved it and it still wouldn’t be enough I could live there for a while it’s so cheap insanely so and has so much to do, I can’t wait to go back!

Have fun planning your adventures!


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