Zoo’s, Snooze and Booze – Day Two in Amsterdam

Our plan to have a relaxed first night clearly didn’t go to plan. I woke up the next morning not feeling too bad , just exhausted from lack of sleep, Steph was another story entirely and looked like she was lucky to be alive. Our hostel included breakfast and we just made it in time for the last 30 minutes. It seems most of the hostel had similar intentions as there was a massive queue that took about 20 minutes till we actually managed to reach the frount to asses the situation. Breakfast options were incredibly basic, just some cold meats and cheese bread buns or toast, crackers, a piece of fruit or three choices of cereal. While it was very simple there were no complaints from me as I suddenly remember the thing I had loved about Amsterdam as a child. That one of their common breakfasts was nutella on toast with chocolate sprinkles. While Steph was struggling to eat anything more than a piece of fruit I was happily enjoying my third slice of toast. After breakfast we were forced to go on a bit of an adventure looking for toothpaste, as both of us had managed to forgett it. This meant we had a lovely moring walking through most of vondlepark, which is truely beautiful and I would really recomend visitng. It also meant we explored some of the more residential areas in Amsterdam and stumbled on to this beautiful church.

As the weather was a little better today we decided to continue with our plan to visit Artis Zoo. It was about a 35 minute walk from our hostel so decided to set off walking rather than get the tram. On the way we passed one of the most photograped spots in Amsterdam the Reguliersgracht, also known as the seven bridges of Amsterdam, it is a view point from which you can see seven bridges at once.

The walk was beautiful and while we did have to take a slight detour as there was a protest happening on the bridge outside of the opera house which forced us to take another bridge ad walk past Amsterdam university campus wich was just stunning.

We finally arrived at Artis zoo which is one of the oldest in europe, it also has a huge aquarium and planetarium. Tickets are are € 22.00 on the website but can change in busy periods. I would really recomend a visit to this amazing zoo it’s huge and takes almost a full day to walk around, the animals all seem genuinely happy in thier habitats.

It was even better walking around with Steph as it was like having a personal tour gudie for random animals facts including the strange shape of a ducks penis.

My faourite part was the monkey and butterfly houses. In te monkey house you can walk through while the monkeys swing freely around the room just make sure you they dont steal anything!

The zoo also has beauiful gardens and something new and exciting around every corner.

I would really plan to spend an entire day there as there really is just so much to see and do we didnt even make it the entire way around. After a good few hours we stopped at the penguin enclosure to sit and relax, just as the sun came out to warm us up. After an exhasuting day both yesterday and today we must have ended up falling alseep. The next thing I knew a tour guide and group of tourists were asking us questions in Dutch, when we continued to look confused they switched to engllish. Asking us if we were okay we tried to explain we were just tired but that resulted in them all laughing at us like falling alseep in a zoo isn’t a perfectly normal thing to do. We left pretty quickly after that and is now on a list of my embarassing life moments.

While food in Amsterdam is all tempting and delicious its also very expensive, the furter you go away from the city centre you go the cheaper the food gets. There are some lovely cafes and pubs around the zoo area. We settled on a place called Cafe Koose, sadly the kitchen was closing so we were limited on what to order I still had a nice veggie burger.

Heading back to the hostel we had just enough time to fit in a nap before we had to get ready for the bar crawl.

After a bit of research we decide to do the ultimate party Leidseplein pub crawl, it seemed a bit expensive at 20 euroes but inlcluded a free drinks in all 6 bars.

In terms of bar crawls it was farily standart there were lots of friendly tourist and the bars were al prett good, my only downsde was tat it ended in oter bar and not a club. Oter than that if your looking for a bar crawl Iwould reckomend this.

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