6 Traditional Greek Dishes you must try!

Greek food is by far my favourite in the Mediterranean, it’s delicious, rich and healthy (ish). So for your next holiday to Greece I’ve made a list of my top picks to try.

1) Tzatziki and fresh bread

This simple classic is a starter in almost every restaurant for a reason. If you think you’ve tried it before wait until you try the traditional thing. I grarentee it will become one of your go to starters.

2) Baked Feta

Step aside baked Camembert! In Greece it’s all about the feta. Baked feta comes in a variety of forms, drizzled in olive oil, topped with herbs, spices and peppers. Alternatively it can be topped with honey. This deliciously rich starter is definitely one to share.

3) Greek salad

You’ve had it a thousand times, but you can’t beat a simple Greek salad in it’s home land.

4) Gyro

The Greek kebab but so much better. Your choice of meat, Tzatziki and salad in a wrap or pitta.

5) Moussaka

This Greek potato based dish, is a classic and varies from region to region. I prefer the vegetarian version made with eggplant.

6) Souvlaki

Possibly my favourite Greek dish. Your choice of grilled meat or cheese on a stick. Usually served with rice, salad, chips or potatoes. Healthy(ish), filling and delicious.

What are some of your favourite Greek Dishes?

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